Monday, June 1, 2009

Funny Boy!!

This drawing is made by Siddharth the title of story also given by him and the story is: There is a boy, he always plays with toys and take his toys along with him whenever he goes out. People call him toyee. One day toyee went to park with his doll. There was clouds and sun. Suddenly the rain started all the kids went to their home, but toyee did not go as he has an umbrella. The rainy season comes after autumn, and after the rain the spring comes. The boy could not play in the park in the morning as he goes for swimming. After swimming he drinks milk. One day the milk got finished at house, he could not drink it. He went to the shop with his mama to buy the milk, but the shopkeeper is not having any milk. They come home, his mama asked him what do u wants to drink, he drinks rooh afja. Then he plays with his toys, spends the day cherrfully with Mama and they go off to sleep in night.

kho na jayee yeh tarein zameen par....