Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wake Up Sid!!

Kite is rollying pollying

Kite is flying

Up the away kite is flying
Sun is so high

Sun is so hot

Mama says sleep

I am sleeping


Sailing the boat

I am sailing the boat

I am flying kite in the boat

Sun is so high Sun is so hot

High and high

Moon has come now

I need to sleep

Then I woke up and come sun


Mama Zen said...

What a great poem!

NeHa said...

awww....shoo cute.. :)

sm said...

great poem

Nazish Rahman said...

Thats really so cute....what a lovely talented son u hav!!! That was a great effort Siddharth...well done my boy!!

A New Beginning said...

Hey Nicve poem Siddy :) You're just tooooooooooo good!!Keep up my little friend :)

madhuri said...

so sweet baby..keep it up :)

Tomz said...


~Lopa said...

very cute !
keep it up Sid :)

Rush said...

hats off to Sid swatantra..this kiddo had better poetic instincts than a confused dimwit like me.

Rush said...

awesome swatantra..how old are u my friend!!

Varsha Shrote said...

Very cute poem...I loved it! Very creative too. Looks like Sid will become a creative person in future:)

SG said...

Excellent poem. Loved it.